Friday, December 16, 2011

A Grim Night

I wanted to make a comic with a dark story and drawn in a traditional way in terms of pages and panels. It took quite a while to make, since I worked on it in my free time. Its done and here for you to read ! A heads-up - the comic contains blood and gore.

If you are on a slow Internet connection, get a coffee while the comic loads. To read the story in a gallery view, click on any page below.


  1. great !!!! I liked it ! Keep it up!

  2. tastefully gruesome!....nice stuff man!

  3. agreed to Nideep...
    like the style and the ideas...
    it is pretty dark for your personality though...
    more please!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Great to hear from you all.

    @Andy hahaa I know, too dark for me. I get easily freaked out if I see blood ! :P

  5. Kinda the exact opposite of the things I expect from you! D:

    But really good though. A question on your theory, don't you think its more about the cycle of life as we know it? :P

  6. Thanks Milad. Yes, it is about the cycle of life. Also nature is a balancer, has its own way of leveling things when extremities arise.

  7. GREAT, really, I like that.
    Greetings from Berlin